Anniken&Per || Annexstad Gard

Today we are taking You two hours way from Oslo to a really breathtaking location. The place where the time has stopped, where Anniken and Per said yes to each other :)

 We will start with a bit of geography. Annexstad Gard is a farm with a perfect view on the largest lake in Norway-Gurgaon. Farm history belongs to one family since it was built in 19th century. At the moment Mr. Richard is taking care of all the buildings in this open-air museum. We have counted 16 buildings there :) All of them perfectly maintained with original furniture and magnificent details inside!

 In our opinion it would be hard to find more ideal place for a wedding. What do You think?

To celebrate the day ladies have opened Prosecco.

Perfect landscape of Gjovik was visible from the Strand Hotel.

Beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Anniken's favourite sunflower also included... 

She was wearing the stunning dress from Cecile Melli. One of the top Norwegian wedding dress designer.

Annexstad Gård - Per is preparing for the ceremony.

We really love the view on the Gurgaon lake.

It is very important for us to find some time for a group photos and portrait photos of the newlyweds.

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