Aishah&Fazli || Arctic Engagement, Tromsø

 People from Northern Europe use to spend their honeymoon in the warmer locations as Southeast Asia, Iberian Peninsula etc. Where do people from Singapore go to celebrate their love? 

A Place we called 'The End Of Norway'

We have never been to Troms area before, so we have arrived to Tromsø few days before Aishah and Fazli to find the best spots for the photos. This is how we got to the special placed named Sommarøya. The land of pure blue water and a perfect light.

Thank You Aishah and Fazli!

Last, but not least. It really was a pleasure to meet You Guys. Thank You for these great moments we spent together hunting for the northern lights. It is hard to believe, that as the people from different parts of the worlds we have had so much in common <3

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