Katrine & Øyvind || Villa Malla

 Katrine and Øyvind's wedding took place on a typical Norwegian summer's day. It was cloudy from the early hours with some episodes of rain around midday. Here nobody discusses with the weather. Summer will come, sooner or later. 

 Thanks to their favourite weather forecast app everyone was sure, that the sun will show up just before the wedding starts. Chapeau bas Yr.no!

 What we love about Norwegian weddings is the lack of stress. Not mentioning the unbelivable landscapes and the raw nature as it could be a never ending story... 

 Young couple is calm and looking forward to their day. You get that at the preparations and that feeling is Your companion during the whole day! Of course there are feelings, lots of tears and laugh, especially during the speeches.

Thank You Katrine & Øyvind, it was a pleasure!

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